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Entrepreneurship has the greatest impact on our economy. It is vitally important for our country and your family. It creates jobs, innovations, and economic advancement. Having a successful business can be a game-changer for you and the community.

Despite all the challenges small businesses have faced in the past five years, seven out of ten of entrepreneurs would start their businesses all over again. 

- See more at: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/4648-small-business-challenges.html#sthash.WfIsl8EF.dpuf

Half of all Americans are harboring entrepreneurial dreams of their own.

Overall, 59 percent of business owners said running a business is harder today, mainly because of the economy, new technologies and increased competition. Business owners also said they face new challenges in finding new customers, retaining existing customers and finding the time needed to finish tasks. 

· What if Startup Pro could help you find new customers, retain existing customers and find time to complete your tasks without you having to burn the midnight oil.

· Despite those challenges, respondents said they expect revenues this year to outperform those from last year. An increased emphasis by customers on shopping small has become a saving grace for small business owners, the researchers found. 

- Find out about what is entrepreneurship and what it entails.

_ Easy business ideas to get you started or use your own by creating a successful marketing strategy.

Startup Pro is a simplified approach to starting a business with little or no money tapping into your God-given talents and abilities.

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